Google Digging’s Ideas?

Coincidences are just that, turns of fate that just happen to occur at the same time.  Some take a technological point of view to coincidences and say the “Matrix” software is just a bit buggy and that chances of luck are just that.  Others say it is more energy based, as in “great minds think alike”, so like patterns tends to intersect.

Let’s take a look at Google and and check to see if Google’s movements are coincidental or if there is something more sinister going on.


Case #1 – Google changes the location of their “search results by time” function one week before releases its beta version.  Up until this point in history, in order to change the Google results page to chronological, you had to do two clicks.  It was somewhat hidden, and not many people knew you could even do it.  One week before’s launch, and 4 days after its press release, Google moves the “sort by time” feature to front and center on its SERP pages.



Case #2 – As gains traction with bloggers and forum lovers, Google announces its results have become “stale” (didn’t use the word “relevant” though) to some of its users and was going to alter its algorithm to make results “more timely”.




If Google suddenly allows videos in their PPC model like we are going to start speaking Navaho Indian dialect in the office so the code breakers are stumped.