What are your “5 Death Row Meals”?

With our recent meet up with Mark Zuckerberg at Pinocchio’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We received a ton of emails along the lines of, “Well, how good is the pizza there if Mark made an emergency stop to get some before getting on the plane?”.  We can tell you that the pizza is very good in a “late night, college hangout kind of way”.


That reminded me of a discussion I have with my brother often about our “5 Death Row Meals”.  Along the lines of the Food Networks show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, where celebrity chefs sit down and talk about the best meal they ever had. (This is a must on the DVR box as your mouth will water with every episode.)


The way the conversation works, is that you have to pick out what you would eat if you only had 5 meals left on this planet.  They can be restaurant dishes or homemade dishes that you remember growing up.  This list is subject to change based on new experiences but here is the NowRelevant.com’s last 5 meals list before Google comes and buys us.


#5 – Chicken tikka masala – Now, before you say “Oh, I don’t like Indian food or curry”, you don’t even have to go there.  Chicken tikka marsala is tandoori chicken (chicken cooked in a special clay oven) in a tomato and cream sauce that you will want to soak up with all the garlic nan (Indian bread like a pita pocket) that you order with your meal.  Put this together with basmati Indian rice (long white rice) and you have the makings of what we all an “Indian Burrito”.  The tomato cream sauce has a touch of Indian seasonings and you will so disappointed when you have a bowl of sauce left and no nan to soak it all up with. The best I have ever had can be found at Bollywood Cafe, North Andover, Massachusetts.  Avoid testing this at Indian food locations in mall food courts, as the quality tends to be very poor.



#4 – Roast Beef (New England Based) Sandwich – If you have ever been around the Boston area you know the only thing more plentiful than Dunkin Donuts  are roast beef joints.  New England roast beef sandwich are made from roast beef that is cooked on site, sliced thin, and either served with mayonnaise or BBQ sauce.  The sandwich was made famous in the movie Good Will Hunting during the “I’ll put your sandwich on layaway” scene with Casey and Ben Affleck. The common order around New England is “beef, cheese, sauce” or “roast beef 3 way”.  I prefer it on a pita bread as opposed to a sandwich roll or sub roll.  The best roast beef sandwich in the world is at a place called Nick’s Famous Roast Beef in North Beverly, Massachusetts. If you want it on a pita bread, by far the best pita sandwiches on the planet are at Charlie’s Roast Beef and Pizza in Middleton, Massachusetts.


#3- Steak Burrito from Maravillas Restaurant – This may be the best burrito in the world.  I prefer it as “no beans, with sour cream”.  The steak is seasoned and cooked to perfection, the sour cream is cold, and the burrito shell is pressed on the grill to slightly toast the outside.  This is standard late night far for any University of Chicago student, as Maravillas is located on the south side of Chicago, just off of the U of C campus.  Maravillas is located in 5211 South Harper Ave, Chicago Illinois.



#2 – The Ranch – The Ranch is the name given to a small house that turn into a restaurant one night a week in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. The Ranch serves marinated chicken and steak tips cooked over an open grill on long skewers. The meat is marinated in a secret sauce for 24 hours before cooking and then served piping hot at your table with hot bread and a secret garlic/mayonnaise/yogurt sauce.  The meat is so juicy and perfect you could eat it all night long, but dip it into this secret garlic dipping sauce, and you have just discovered one of the best food combinations known to man.  By the time your plate is empty you will be begging for more bread and sauce, and on rare occasions, asking Roger the cook, if you can take the whole tub of sauce and drink it.  I have never done anything intravenously into my body, but if I did, I think I would pick this sauce.  The Ranch is open only on Friday nights and it is first come, first serve.



#1 – Hot Lobster and Drawn Butter – There may be no better food combination created by God then hot lobster meat and hot butter.  It is a New England summer tradition to get some lobsters (or lobbi’s as my sister in law calls them) and steam them up with some corn and have a lobster feast.  The best way to serve it is with enough melted butter to submerge the whole lobster tail into and then eat it so butter is rolling down your lips and off your chin.  Winner of the best food combination ever, with ranch meat and sauce a close second, and  roast beef and mayonnaise third.  (chocolate and peanut butter and hamburger meat and cheese are up for honorable mention)


Honorable mention – If the governor decided to give you a stay of execution and you got a few extra meals, honorable mention would be…



ALT- 5 Guys Burger – I have tested burgers far and wide and 5 Guys continues to be the best burger that money can buy.  It isn’t the biggest burger, but for overall taste and experience, I would serve this burger to an alien that just landed and wanted to try a cheeseburger.



ALT #2- Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza – Sorry all of you Gino’s East lovers, but the best Chicago deep dish around is still Giordanos.  If you have never had a true Chicago deep dish pizza, you are missing out on a delicacy.  It is called a “pizza pie” for a reason, sauce on top (huh?), condiments below, all stuffed into a pizza dough crust..



ALT #3 – Marinated tuna steaks with Dutch tartar sauce -  Go and head some tuna steaks, marinate them for 24 hours in Italian dressing. Make a tartar sauce of plain yogurt, mayonnaise, lots of dill, and chopped up sweet onion.  Let it cool in the freezer for a few minutes  Grill tuna steaks on the grill until cooked through the inside buy still juicy.

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Wow..am I getting hungry.

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