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Welcome to the new NowRelevant.com search engine, where search gets social, interesting, and interactive.



We encourage all our users to use this blog and our Facebook page to give us feedback on our search results and what you would like and don’t like about them.


Did you know…

You can submit your site to be indexed in NowRelevant.com by clicking the “Add Your Site” link on the top of the home page.

You can install our NowRelevant.com widget on your site, we have widgets made for WordPress and other popular platform.

You can join our Facebook fan page and communicate with us anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…love something? Hate something? Give us a holla!

You can submit a person you know for our weekly “Mr. or Mrs. NowRelevant”.  This person should be someone working to make the world a better place!  Just upload his or her picture to our Facebook page and tell us in a few paragraphs why this person is making a difference in the world today!  Watch for our weekly reader voting and they can win the weekly prize!

You can search NowRelevant.com for everything about your subject, but contain the results to just the last few days or the past two weeks. NowRelevant.com is more blog, forum, and social media based so you won’t find shopping links, SEO dummy sites, or SPAM sites in our results.

You can use the NowRelevant.com PPC advertising platform to show your ads or videos in front of a user base that is looking for the latest and most topically information on a subject?

You can use the NowRelevant.com  homepage to monitor hot trends from around the world as well as live time trends in social media.

NowRelevant.com is the only search engine to offer an affiliate program on PPC deposits?  Send over advertisers and we pay your 20% of what they spend!

Be sure to bookmark or “favorite” NowRelevant.com as a way to get a different set of search results than what other engines are currently giving you.

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Curt Dalton