Does Mark Zuckerberg Watch, too?

We were lucky enough to bump into our favorite Facebook’er Mark Zuckerberg after a pizza at Pinocchio’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Mark did say he loved Pinocchio’s and it was the only place that he wanted to come back and eat at after five years of being away from Boston.

Mark was in town to look for new talent at MIT and Harvard in the computer science field.  As far as expanding into Boston, he said, “I would love to someday, it is just in the plans for the very near future.”

What does Mark think of and how Google seems to be “copying our every move”?

Find out soon on this blog!


Google Digging’s Ideas?

Coincidences are just that, turns of fate that just happen to occur at the same time.  Some take a technological point of view to coincidences and say the “Matrix” software is just a bit buggy and that chances of luck are just that.  Others say it is more energy based, as in “great minds think alike”, so like patterns tends to intersect.

Let’s take a look at Google and and check to see if Google’s movements are coincidental or if there is something more sinister going on.


Case #1 – Google changes the location of their “search results by time” function one week before releases its beta version.  Up until this point in history, in order to change the Google results page to chronological, you had to do two clicks.  It was somewhat hidden, and not many people knew you could even do it.  One week before’s launch, and 4 days after its press release, Google moves the “sort by time” feature to front and center on its SERP pages.



Case #2 – As gains traction with bloggers and forum lovers, Google announces its results have become “stale” (didn’t use the word “relevant” though) to some of its users and was going to alter its algorithm to make results “more timely”.




If Google suddenly allows videos in their PPC model like we are going to start speaking Navaho Indian dialect in the office so the code breakers are stumped.

Iphone verse Samsung Galaxy 2 – Why I Switched?

Why I switched from the Apple Iphone to the Samsung Galaxy 2.



I thought I would post this review on since the subject is certainly very relevant. (Seeing how AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon have just sold out of the soon to be released Iphone 4 GS!)


I have been a loyal Iphone owner since almost Day 1.  I loved the Iphone from the moment I got it and still think it is a fabulous phone.  So, why switch then?  Good question.  I started thinking about leaving the Iphone when I bought my wife and IPAD for this past Mother’s Day.  Huh?  At the time, I thought I would need 2 IPAD’s since I was sure we were going to be battling over who gets to use it while “sitting in the chair and watching TV”.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the rodeo.

My wife got her IPAD, and she LOVES it.  I tried to use it 5-10 times and it was nice, sleek, fancy, new..but I just didn’t get hooked.  I liked my thumb using IPHONE for quick surfing and checking things.  They complaint I had, especially compared to an IPAD, was that I wish the Iphone screen was a bit bigger, not a ton bigger, but I was jealous of the HTC EVO and its HD big screen.

So when my wife cracked here IPHONE and was not eligible for an upgrade/cheap new one, we were stuck.  She wanted to stay with Apple and I thought, “I might as well look around” and then I could give her my IPHONE.

After a week of testing and trying the HTC EVO (now 3D), the Samsung Galaxy 2, and the Iphone 4 (no 4GS out yet), I switched to a Samsung Galaxy 2 after years with the Iphone.  Here are the main reasons someone would ever consider switching from the IPhone, which is still an awesome phone.


1. Screen Size – The Samsung Galaxy 2 has a bigger and cleaner screen.  This was the main complaint around the world when Apple introduced the Iphone 4GS, “what? no screen size change!”  I see the Galaxy 2 as the birth child of an IPAD and IPHONE.  The Galaxy is a like a mini-IPAD with a phone.  It was the bigger screen for surfing and texting, not to mention movies, videos (oh yes, all those Flash ones play too!), and pictures. It also has a nice HD video camera and 8mg pixel camera too.

2. Videos – Flash, the works, no more little arrow showing you where a video might have been

3. 4G network – Iphones do not yet run on 4g networks, and Apple lists their speeds as “similar or comparable”

4. No more waiting in line at the Apple Store – This includes having to book an appointment 3 days in advance for someone to take a look at a problem on your phone or IPAD.

5. Widgets – I had no idea what widgets were until I switched over.  You see, on the IPHONE we just have apps.  Those are little square buttons you have to tap to pull up a desired app or program.  There are over half a million of them to chose from now, so quantity is not the problem.  Widgets are apps on steroids.  You can basically set an “app” to take up 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 of one of the screens on your phone.  These widgets connect when you pull your phone of locked and update information for you.  So they are great for stock quotes, sports news, regular news, weather, etc.  You don’t need to find an app somewhere on your phone and start it, with a widget, it stays active and very noticeable when you pick up for phone.  For example, you could have a weather and clock widget, then a stock market widget, then a new widget all on one homepage so when you pick up your phone you can just look down to get weather, stocks, news, sports without touching anything.

6.  Google Maps, Gmail, and Navigation – All work much faster and quicker on the Samsung and Android system.  Google maps has always been a calling card for Android lovers, and I noticed Gmail and the built in navigation are much faster and smoother in the Android than the Iphone.

Things I miss about the IPHONE:

1. Texting – The Iphone does seem to just get ” texting right”.  The size of the keyboard, the intuitiveness of the OS system and user interface.  The Samsung allows you download all sorts of different keyboards and styles, but it just isn’t as smooth as the Iphone at texting.  There is always a an extra step or something not quite as smooth as an IPhone when it comes to texting.  I found the original keyboard to be SMALLER than the IPHONE one even though the screen is bigger!  This was not good for fat thumbs.

2. IPOD – It was nice to have it build in and working so smoothly on the Iphone with Itunes.  Android has programs to transfer all your songs over and plenty of places to get songs, it just requires an extra step or two.  Apple is the king of making it easy “so my Mom could figure it out”.


Overall, the larger screen, faster speeds, and Gmail stuff makes the switch a good one for me.  I no longer feel the need for a tablet as the increased screen and HD quality is fine for the things I use my phone for most of the time. I definitely think the IPHONE 5, whenever it comes out, will have a larger screen and will probably run on 4g officially in order to keep up with the current Droid models.

For more up to the minute information on these phones check out



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